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Some quotations that may even qualify as being " Central Poetry Insights " is set out in the following scrollable panel:-

A brief selection of spiritual quotations from Christian sources that may even qualify as being " Central Spiritual Insights " is set out in the following scrollable panel:-

Friends Page & Links

  This Friends Page was created in June 2002 and is intended to offers access Links to a number of very highly respected "Wisdom and Spirituality" sites and also to a range of of other sites that ask us to join with them in link exchanges. We intend to accept a number of such requests as we would welcome the extra visitors these mutual links would bring.

Pluralism project, Harvard University

  This project was initiated in response to a marked emergence of multi-Faith diversity in the United States.
  Immigration, in particular, has contributed to a definite shifting of the religious landscape.


Christian Mysticism quotes at iperceptive.com

 This link leads a Christian Mysticism page on an impressive site which also features many other pages considering spiritual truths.

Truth Contest

  This site features a banner statement asserting that it is in the business of "Seeking, Defining, and Spreading the Ultimate Truth".
and its Home Page expresses the hope that:-
"With honesty, open minds, an open exchange of ideas, good will and the power of the Internet, we will find and spread the truth about life and death".



WikiHistory is a free World History. One of the most ambitious world history projects ever, WikiHistory covers events of all types from the time the Earth became a planet. It is multidisciplinary, user-edited and open-content.

Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies

An extensive site that has many pages about kabbalah, kabbalah lessons, free courses, kabbalah books, distant learning, kabbalah mp3 - Questions and Answers, Live lessons and music broadcast, kabbalah FAQ

Short spiritual quotes and Spiritual Aphorisms

  This content-rich spiritual and theosophical site also features many links to other interesting sites.


  QuotableOnline is a collection of over 12000 famous quotations, searchable by author, subject, or source.

  One Little Angel

  Find out about the life and philosophy of saints and mystics from various religions through more than 1500 quotations, 800 pictures, 150 biographies...

Philosophy of Religion .Info

  A philosophical look at the questions:-
"Is there a God?",
"If there is, what is he like?",
and "What does that mean for us?"


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