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Famous Poetry Quotations

We have gathered together a selection of famous quotations from several great poets.
The links below lead to pages that present many entertaining quotations attributable to the poet concerned.

Other great poetry quotations from these same poets are also so inherently profound as to "somehow encapsulate" most important insights. These quotations appear on our "Introductory Quotations" page and on our and "poetry insights" and "poetry wisdom" pages.
Links to these pages are available on the menu to the right of this page.
Lord Byron Robert Frost
John Keats William Shakespeare
Percy Bysshe Shelley Mark Twain
Oscar Wilde William Wordsworth
William Butler Yeats John Milton
Alexander Pope Alexander Pope
Riddle of the World
Samuel Taylor Coleridge John Dryden
Joseph Addison William Cowper
The Second Coming
William Butler Yeats
Thomas Gray
Elegy in a Country Churchyard
Rabbie Burns
To a Mouse
Kipling's "If" Lewis Carroll
William Blake
Tyger Tyger
Walt Whitman
Song of Myself


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