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The World's Poets and Mystics have had
access to quite amazing realms of perception!!!


Towards a more
Enlightened & Tolerant World?

  We hope that the many profound Enlightenments, Wisdoms, and Insights that are available on our pages will help to "Make a Difference" towards the establishment of a more Enlightened & Tolerant World.

A brief resume of the " Central Spiritual Insights " that are available on our site is set out in the following scrollable panel:-

  Our extensive Spiritual and Poetry insights quotations pages are FULL of examples of quotable quotes and inspirational quotations that surely demonstrate how such profound truths are recognised, and applauded, by a Spiritual-Poetical aspect that seems to be innate to Human Nature.


  The Enlightenments that are set out on our "Central" mysticism insights pages demonstrate that Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Taoism (and possibly other faiths as well) ALL recognise such "Deep Things" as

A Disdain for Materialism

A Distrust of Intellect

A Yearning for Divine Edification


Purity of Heart



  as being of a "Primary Spiritual Significance!!!"

  When Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Taoists (and possibly followers of other faiths as well) ALL recognise that several world faiths other than their own share a similar spiritual message it may follow that there will be more toleration and mutual respect between faiths.

  We at age-of-the-sage.org hope that you will be impressed by the many profound Enlightenments, Wisdoms, and Insights that are available on our pages.

  We see several areas where your help would be very greatly appreciated.

Wisdom Quotes

  We are attempting to assemble the World's most complete collection of quotations that demonstrate the Awesome Wisdom of the Poets and Mystics. If you are aware of any quotations that might qualify for a place in such a collection PLEASE advise us at aots_quotes@hotmail.com

Constructive Criticism

  Our readers sometimes advise us about errors in Page Content or Punctuation. We also receive suggestions for topics or personalities that we might include as subjects for additional pages. We welcome all such advice and suggestion as it helps us to improve our Web site!!!

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