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Evolution vs Creation

Welcome to age-of-the-sage.org where many issues are raised that have some bearing on the Evolution vs Creation controversy!

Most people are aware of something of what Darwin and his Theory of Evolution have to say about the origin of Humanity as one of a vast number of species but we hope to demonstrate that, whatever truths may ultimately explain the origin of Humanity, we are nonetheless "Beings invested with Spirituality."

Please consider the following Slide Shows that summarise D-E-E-P Wisdoms about Human Existence gleaned from World Faith teachings and other sources.

We very much hope that they will greatly pique your interest and lead you to investigate our site further.

This slide show suggests that Human Nature
has three main aspects:-
    Materialistic, Spiritual, and Ethnic.
Human Nature

These slides develop this view of Human Nature
to consider wider questions:-
    about God, about Man, and about Society.
God, Man, and Society

Our site is rather large and to facilitate a structured introduction to our findings related to these views of Human Existence we have prepared an introductory page which features access to these slide shows and then continues with a series of links to more detail about the Tripartite Soul, about the Unfolding of History, and about Comparative Religion.

To proceed to this introductory page please...

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