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Niall Ferguson
C-SPAN interview 05/02/2004

  Niall Ferguson (pronounced "Neal") was born in Glasgow in April 1964 and was educated at Glasgow Academy and Oxford University. He later won acclaim as an historian and author on historical topics - he is maving to Boston this fall as a new member of the Harvard faculty.

  On May 2 2004 Niall Ferguson created a very favourable impression of his opinions and abilities during a three hour long live interview about his life and work on C-SPAN during which time he responded to audience telephone calls and to electronic mail. Taking questions from viewers on his many books (most questions were sensible, but several were of the mentally defective conspiracy kind), he jumped ably from topic to topic -- financial history, World War One, the Rothschild family, Roman/British/American empire-building, etc. -- yet made them appear of a whole concern.

  As we maintain a popular page about Niall Ferguson we got several favourable entries on our Guestbook concerning this interview. Our page about Niall Ferguson is available at:-

Niall Ferguson

Details of availability of this interview from C-SPAN in VHS format for (at this time - May 5) $39.95 are available at:-

C-SPAN interview May 2

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Niall Ferguson
C-SPAN Book TV interview 05/02/2004