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Our "Model" of an Open Society

[Open Society]

  The model of an Open Society that the above image depicts is supported by a number of Awesomely profound quotations from several major World Religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism), several major Philosophers (Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras) and by Shakespeare!!!

  These quotations can be found on our Spirituality & the wider world page.

  If you navigate to this page you will find several most profound quotations and also a link that will take you to some Social Theory speculations that are based on the profound Insight that individual Human Beings and individual Human Societies are subject to a "Three-Directional" Tripartite Soul where "Honesty, Manhood, and Good Fellowship" tend to each provide a basis of motivation for Human activity!!!

  The above views of Human Nature / the Tripartite Soul suggest that people are essentially the same yet differences exist in terms of ethnocultural and confessional heritages.
Introductory quotations
Spirituality & the wider world
Some Social Theory and insights
The Vienna Declaration
Framework Convention on National minorities

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