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 "Spirituality" has become, for many (particularly cultural westerners) something of a distinct entity not necessarily associated with "Religion".

 Several pages on this web site set out to seriously explore Mystical Spirituality - as our "Central" Spiritual Insights and "Other" Spiritual Insights pages bear witness.
On these pages it is demonstrated that such major World Religions as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Taoism ALL recognise such things as Charity, Purity of heart, Humility, and Meekness as being spiritual virtues.

 At a somewhat deeper level it surely ought not to be forgotten that these mystical and spiritual teachings are often presented in contexts that depict the originators of these teachings as being Divinely Inspired or even as being of Divine Origin.

 We have no doubt that people are capable of exloring their innate spirituality:-

 We also keep an open mind about the claims to Divine Inspiration or Divine Origin of the various historical founders of the World Religions




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