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Famous Scientists

We feature biographical details about a number of famous scientists on our site together with information about their discoveries, their books, and their wider activities.
Please advise us about any other scientists who you feel are famous enough to be the subject of interest by potential visitors to our pages.

In our view the findings of some famous scientists allow openings towards a deeper understanding of 'The Human Condition.'

Serious scientific Psychological studies have detected
a "Tripartite Soul" presentation of Human Nature / Being

Dr. William Sheldon
Human Personality traits
The New York Longitudinal Study
Alexander Thomas, Stella Chess, Herbert G. Birch

  "There is one mind common to all individual men....
....Of the works of this mind history is the record. Man is explicable by nothing less than all his history. All the facts of history pre-exist as laws. Each law in turn is made by circumstances predominant. The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn, and Egypt, Greece, Rome, Gaul, Britain, America, lie folded already in the first man. Epoch after epoch, camp, kingdom, empire, republic, democracy, are merely the application of this manifold spirit to the manifold world."

From Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essay ~ History

"Whatever concept one may hold, from a metaphysical point of view, concerning the freedom of the will, certainly its appearances, which are human actions, like every other natural event, are determined by universal laws. However obscure their causes, history, which is concerned with narrating these appearances, permits us to hope that if we attend to the play of freedom of the human will in the large, we may be able to discern a regular movement in it, and that what seems complex and chaotic in the single individual may be seen from the standpoint of the human race as a whole to be a steady and progressive though slow evolution of its original endowment."
Immanuel Kant
Idea for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of View (1784)

Stephen Hawking
zero-gravity flight

Konrad Lorenz

Desmond Morris
Naked Ape

Prof. Hawking quotes
On God and Religion

Charles Darwin & Alfred Russel Wallace
Joint! developers of Evolutionary Theory
Thomas Malthus

His Essay on Population
inspired Darwin & Wallace

Theory of Evolution development ~ history of evolutionary theory
Charles Darwin ~ Alfred Russel Wallace ~ Thomas Malthus

Introductory quotations
"Central" mysticism insights
"Other" spiritual wisdom
"Central" poetry insights
"Other" poetry wisdom

Inspiration can occasionally trounce Reason!!!

Is "Human Being" more truly Metaphysical than Physical?


Faith and Philosophy!!!
Spirituality and the Wider World!!!

Plato, Socrates and Shakespeare endorse a Tripartite Soul view of Human Nature

      Popular, "Scientific", Rational,
      inadequate? ~ Darwinism

      Famous "The Hornet" cartoon of 1871
      (just after Darwin's ~ The Descent of Man)

Stephen Pinker
The Blank Slate

Patrick Steptoe &
Robert Edwards
"test tube" babies 1978

Robert Winston
Human Instinct

E. O. Wilson

Niko Tinbergen

David Attenborough
Life on Earth

Richard Dawkins
Selfish Gene

Stephen Hawking
Black Holes

Seriously famous scientists have appeared in each of the three main branches of Science ~ Physics, Chemistry and Biology ~ and yet more famous scientists have made an impact upon recognised specialisms within each of these major branches.

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