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Social Psychology research
theories & experiments

A number of links to pages about classic theories & experiments in Social Psychology research are available from this page.

Specifically these pages are about such things as:-

Group / Selective Perception of an Ivy League football game between Dartmouth and Princeton as witnessed, and Selectively reported, by their repective groups of fans. This research was by Hastorf & Cantril

Cognitive Dissonance case study by Festinger and Carlsmith where people are shown to be very capable of Rationalising their objectively unlikely behavior.

Obedience to "authority" as demonstrated in experiments by Stanley Milgram.

Intergroup Discrimination as demonstrated in research by Henri Tajfel. Where schoolboys were almost randomly assigned an Group Identity that almost immediately provided a basis for discrimination against a perceived out-group.

The classic " Conformity under Social Pressure " experiments of Solomon Asch. Where perceived group pressure acted as a decisive influence on behavior.

The Robbers Cave Experiment by Muzafer Sherif et al where young individuals were facilitated in joining groups at a summer camp. These groups were initially manipulated into a series of inter-group conflicts. Resulting intergroup hostilities were then defused through other manipulations that encouraged cross-group co-operation.

Abraham Maslow theorised about a Human Hierarchy of Need where people will need to satisfy basic survival needs before being able to reach towards more abstuse goals such as Self Realization

Intergroup Discrimination
Henri Tajfel
Conformity under Social Pressure
Solomon Asch
The Robbers Cave Experiment
Muzafer Sherif et al
Group / Selective Perception
Hastorf & Cantril
Obedience experiment study 1974
Stanley Milgram

The Milgram Obedience Experiment as repeated on
a French reality TV show as The Game of Death
Le Jeu de la Mort
Festinger Carlsmith
Cognitive Dissonance
Abraham Maslow
Hierarchy of Need

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