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Define - Nous Noesis Noetic


In Greek philosophy, the highest form of rationality which is capable of grasping the fundamental principles of reality. In contrast to perception, which delivers awareness of the changing, accidental properties of things, Nous consists in understanding their essential, immutable nature. Moreover, it supersedes belief, which may attain truth but falls short of explaining the why and wherefore of things. For Aristotle, the unmoved mover of the universe was a cosmis Nous.
(Ted Honderich: The Oxford Companion to Philosophy, Oxford University Press 1995)


Originally Greek distinguished between knowledge as deduced from rational or scientific thinking (dianoia, intellect) and knowledge derived from pure thinking (noesis, reason). Intellectual knowledge was associated with knowledge of scientific and mathematical objects, whilst the more intuitional knowledge of the Noesis was associated with intuitive knowledge of unchangeable and eternal IDEAS.


Greek adjective used to describe things pertaining to the intellect and is used as well to mean "purely intellectual" (as opposed to emotional or intuitive) or "abstract".

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