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Social Psychology
case studies and experiments

A number of revealing case studies and experiments in Social Psychology are detailed on our pages.

These psychology experiments include Soloman Asch and colleagues on Conformity, Hastorf and Cantril's rather disturbing reportage about the selective perception of a football game contested between Dartmouth Indians and Princeton Tigers, Stanley Milgram on Obedience to Authority, Muzafer Sherif and colleagues Robber's Cave Experiment and Henri Tajfel and colleagues decidedly perplexing findings about Intergroup Discrimination.

The more mainstream psychology experiments that are featured on our site include:-

Intergroup Discrimination
Henri Tajfel
Conformity under Social Pressure
Solomon Asch
The Robbers Cave Experiment
Muzafer Sherif et al
Group / Selective Perception
Hastorf & Cantril
Obedience experiment study 1974
Stanley Milgram

The Milgram Obedience Experiment as repeated on
a French reality TV show as The Game of Death
Le Jeu de la Mort

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Human Psychology

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