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We regret that due to staff changes we are no longer
supporting new entries to our Guestbook.

You can however read a selection of existing comments
made by people who really seem to have gotten something
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Comments by Frank on Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 14:32
Hi, just looked through your site, its very nicely made and interesting. keep up! Frank
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Comments by Soon Rowell on Tuesday, March 18, 2003 at 02:45
wow...this is cool!!:D
Singapore Recommends   no URL given

Comments by Hokey on Sunday, March 02, 2003 at 20:06
WOW. Great site. The problem is, when you want to quote you guys, you don't know who wrote it! If you want to be properly quoted, give your names!!!

Webmaster's note:
Thanks, Hokey, for these kind words.
A citation details link is accessible from our Home Page.
Barbados Recommends   no URL given

Comments by Ashley~Marie on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 18:32
i love it! it had exactly what i needed! thank u!
United States Recommends  

Comments by amy yahoo whoopdedoo on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 06:56
abs. brill
Ireland Recommends   no URL given

Comments by Keyley Pickard on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 16:43
The quotes by Emerson are amazing. I've read them before and every time I read them they still amaze me.
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Comments by Anand Bose on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 06:35
"Gnothi Seuton"
Happy to be reading on!! Happy to be
pondering....Greatly rever "Aristotle".
Sincerely Anand
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Comments by Mariaine Belluminsomderwor on Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 18:12
Thank so much, you see I had this BIG project due this morning at my weekend school and I really appreciate u haveing such a reliable web site that let me earn an A on my project. I thank u.
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Comments by Jerome on Thursday, November 14, 2002 at 07:12
Some TRULY radical ideas are presented here!!!
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Comments by Gail Ann on Monday, October 14, 2002 at 19:24
Thanks for the great collection of wisdom here - I am a curious Christian and was very inspired by the Christian and other religious passages.
United States Recommends   no URL given

Comments by Tim N. Tillie on Sunday, July 14, 2002 at 03:08
I Love your site which is, (on a larger scale), doing the same thing as I am.....Trying to WAKE PEOPLE UP. I travel a Path of Observation and Learning and I was wondering if we could set up a link when I get my web-site up.
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Comments by Tim Farland on Friday, June 14, 2002 at 15:03
Not sure how or how long it took to build this site...but it is great .. a welcome gathering of rich insight.
Thank you
Australia Recommends   no URL given

Comments by aots Webmaster on Sunday, June 09, 2002 at 12:52
We found this really cool guestbook at www.webwizguide.com.
It allows text formatting and smilies and presents readers with e-mail (above left) and Web (below right) addresses.
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